Gates Services
Property Management, LLC
​​Pressure Cleaning - mulch Delivery / installation
  Gutter clean out &  and more
Gates Services Property Management, LLC
Provides "all-in-one" property management services
 Pressure cleaning  for residential and commercial properties
 Junk Removal & Haul-Away Services
Gutter Clean-out 
Mulch Delivery & Istallation 
and more! 

Our goal is to help keep your property in the best conidtion possible and make life a little easier for you.  

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!we are here to help 

 Florida weather can make it difficult to keep your property clean of mildew and dirt.  If regular maintenance isn't done it can create more work and cost you more money.
Avoid HOA fines and keep your driveway and property looking fresh and clean. 

Do you have a garage you can't use any more becuase it's filled with junk? Let us help! We can haul away that unwanted junk and debris to help you get that garage back.  
We know it can be a big task and you might need an extra pair of hands
to help load the trailer and haul away.

Do you have other odd jobs you need help with?
Let us know and we will find a way to get it done for you!